Thursday, March 23, 2006

Petition: Kinokuniya Philippines!

Just posted a petition in Pinoy Cosplay to bring global manga paradise Kinokuniya to the Philippines.

If you want aisles and aisles and aisles and aisles of the latest manga brought to the Philippines, let your voice be heard. Support the petition. :)


Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea to review your economics boy before you suggest something this outrageous.

distant_sparks said...

I second this motion. I mean, look at exhibit A - Fully Booked. It used to be Page One, but WHAT HAPPENED? Due to brand and financial mismanagement, lack of interest on the original owners to break into the Philippine market, and the Philippine market's slow but steady and sure slide into financial debt, it closed for a while and then re-opened under the same name. Of course, it's just awful that their prices have always been too high for the average Filipino bookworm to afford, back then until now.

I know this and to think I barely passed Economics under one of the finest economics professors in the Asian region. Feh.

entwineddestiny said...

Seconded. And besides, kinokuniya's not really just for manga (Because i think it's misleading if you just say that it's all for manga, when it's actually a bookstore like Powerbooks and Fully Booked).I admit that they have an extensive collection of Manga but they have an even bigger collection of other books. And Kinokuniya (imho) is an economic giant, comparable to Barnes and Noble and Borders. To invest in the Philippine economy would just lead them into bankruptcy.

But as a Filipino citizen I still wish that they could be in Manila too, so I wouldn't have to go to Takashimaya in Singapore to get my books. :/