Monday, March 13, 2006

Guy Kawasaki Disses PowerPoint

Guy Kawasaki: Never let panelists use PowerPoint. Even if the panelists are CEOs and Nobel Prize winners, never let them give a “brief” PowerPoint presentation. If one panelist uses PowerPoint, everyone else will want to. Then the session will encounter the technical difficulty of making multiple laptops work with the projector or the challenge of integrating presentations into one. Forget it.

The evil of PowerPoint is self-replicating.

(Via Hugh Macleod.)


Anonymous said...

youre grose! thats such a direspectful picture to be posting on a blog site.

you should be ashamed of yourself!!(im sure your mom is)!!

Anonymous said...

Colors and motion pictures are part of human's daily things. They are fine and helpful. Speaking is the grace but those are too. Portion or balance is the answer. A panelist both can speak and use PowerPoint to present her business.

Mike Abundo said...

Tell that to Steve Jobs.