Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dvorak's Japanese Babes

As a kid, I remember reading John C. Dvorak's PC Magazine columns. He's the original Cranky Geek.

As a man, I'm delighted he's putting pictures of hot young Japanese babes in his blog posts. He's now the Cranky Horny Geek.


Anonymous said...

you are truly indeed a pervert

JohnC said...

You must be reading carefully to find these posts. That siad the hot Asian women on the site are mostly posted by my contributing editor Steve Newlin. Curiously I didn;t notice this trend until you brought it up! Good work!

Mike Abundo said...

I always read your stuff when I have time, John.

I also like Steve's taste in women. :)

distant_sparks said...

It's sad, he professes to be an honourable Filipino and yet prostitutes so, SO many of our own. Tsk tsk tsk.