Thursday, February 02, 2006

MS to Ship RSS Platform for XP

"Microsoft also revealed this week that it is adding its Really Simple Syndication (RSS) platform, originally due only in Windows Vista, to the standalone versions of IE 7 that will ship on other Windows versions." -- Paul Thurott.

You can test it right now in the IE7 Beta 2 Preview.


Aaron James S. Santiago said...

Hello there. I'm one of the 7 bloggers who listened to your talk this afternoon about podcasts, wikis and blogs. I hope I can link to your blog and vice versa. Have a nice day!

Mike Abundo said...

Glad you dig it, AJ. Thanks for the mention on your blog! :)

distant_sparks said...

Oh my Goddess, may nagoyo ka na nga. Tsk tsk. [shakes head]