Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gameshow Stampede Kills 74

Seventy-four people died in a gameshow stampede Saturday.

Most of those people were members of the Philippine urban poor, lining up for days for a shot at a gameshow prize. Some of them were children. Those poor souls fell prey to a Philippine media culture that would rather exploit than empower.

Twenty-four hours before that stampede, I gave a presentation to Don Bosco Technical College students on participative Internet technologies. The next generation of Filipinos embraces empowering social media. I pray that generation will end the murderously exploitative savagery of our outdated media culture.

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distant_sparks said...

Oh please. Say this all in ENGLISH again. Or even in FILIPINO. I don't think anyone understood your point. Frankly, no one ever really does, and it also remains to be seen if you are actually capable of making a salient point on any particular topic.