Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bare Breast Bloggers

A-list bloggers are baring chests.

Nice to know I'm ahead of the curve.


Cheryl said...

ok... I thought my eye grades went 500 up when I saw those guys. *shrugs*

Anonymous said...

wow. and mine went up 1000 when i saw mike's man b00bs.

Anonymous said...

mike has more boobs than those girls with him do. blech.

cheryl said...


*looks down... and feels depressed* T-T

yeah... his is a bit bigger than what I have

distant_sparks said...

Gee, Cheryl, didn't you just have your breasts altered using Photoshop for a gaming magazine that EXPLICITLY STATED NOT TO USE ANY AND ALL OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS FOR ITS COSPLAYER FEATURES SECTION (of which your altered one is a part) UNTIL THE FEATURES SECTION HAS RUN ITS COURSE?

Oh no wait, MIKE ABUNDO ASKED THE PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM TO DO IT! XD [laughs hard like never before]

The walls have ears. Too bad neither you nor Mike know what they even are.