Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pacquiao TKOs Morales

Congratulations to Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao on TKOing Eric Morales two minutes and 33 seconds into the 10th round. Sorry, Morales -- no link love for losers.

Like a true underdog, "Pacman" let Morales have some fun in the first five rounds, but turned the tide in the last five. Round-by-round account here.

As I type this, local TV is only now about to show the second round. Traditional media will share Morales' fate.

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Ronald said...

MWAHAHAHAHA durog si morales e! ung ilong, magang-maga! hehehe at least nakabawi ung people's champ ^__^ pero laking pasalamat ni manny kay god na natalo nya si morales ^__^ kailan pla ung non working holiday kay pacquiao? wakokokokokok