Thursday, January 26, 2006

Local Paper Lets Dumbass N00b Write Tech Article

Anyone who thinks her DSL runs at 100Mbps, and should be physically disconnected when the PC's off, does not deserve to write an infotech article in a major broadsheet of nationwide circulation.

Unfortunately, local fence-sitting ad-heavy no-news dead-tree rag Manila Bulletin disagrees. They let Peachy Limpin write exactly that in a supposed infotech article.

Then again, this is from a newspaper whose headline one All Saints’ Day was “People Visit Graves of Dead Today”.

(Via Abe Olandres.)


Jepoy said...

aww... the article is no longer available. :(

Jepoy said...

oh wait... ive found it.. :D

Mike Abundo said...

Thanks, Jepoy. Post link updated.

Shockingly dumb n00bage, isn't it?

gabriel said...

wow, harsh :)

Mon said...

No not harsh at all. For a major broadsheet to publish such garbage is inexcuseable.

I had posted my thoughts of this in

Mike Abundo said...

Nice tech blog, Mon. Subscribed!

Boy Bisyo said...

"it would be wise to disconnect from the Internet and turn off the switch after use because even if the PC is off and the connection is not, malicious software can still creep into your PC’s system."