Saturday, December 03, 2005

Trading Card Maker

Magic: The Gathering style:

Made with Trading Card Maker. Thanks, Von!


Anonymous said...

That's a bullshit card. Not even the most experienced magic players, especially those who win tournaments and get to have their OWN card, opt to have a "win the game" description. Can't think of anything more intelligent for yourself huh?

vonjobi said...

you're welcome =)

distant_sparks said...


Here's what mine would read.

+ Extremely Rare Card - 1/100,000 chance you'll get it in ANY set
+ Legendary Creature - Bitch Goddess, Mistress of Elements, Phoenix
+ Memory enhance, vengeance, haste, vigilance, massive creation, massive destruction, massive recreation, resurrect
+When Telefunken comes into play, other players lose ALL their Mike Abundos and Jerry Polences, while player holding Telefunken gets infinity points
+ "This Telefunken card should be used with discretion - or else you'd be accused of cheating!" - Blogger Magic Fans