Friday, November 04, 2005

What's Bill's Web Office Game?

Barely a week after saying he's not afraid of Google, Bill Gates takes cautious steps into web-based office app add-ons. Windows Live, for instance, actually just idiotproofs -- I mean, integrates -- a lot of stuff geeks take for granted from various other providers: RSS aggregation, web-based bookmarks, online virus scanning, mobile search, et cetera.

Why so tentative, Bill? Take the plunge! Or are you plotting something else while wringing you hands?

Or is this just a taste of things to come, Robert Scoble?


AKILEZ said...

Bill Gates has different mannerism.
He sometimes shakes his head while talking to his board members. What can you do if a guy like Bill Gates started writing script by the Age of 15 in 1970's and went to harvard by the age 17?

You tend to shiver like a Whiz.

Anonymous said...

Just looking for more info about this Windows Live and Office Live.

Mike Abundo said...

Windows Live:

Office Live: :)