Saturday, August 13, 2005

Like, Massive, Dude

MTV's preview of the XBox 360° was largely panned as vacuous fluff by gamers.

Given MTV's track record for informative programming, I don't have high hopes for Massive, MTV Philippines' MMOG show sponsored by Level-Up Games. Level-Up's status as a 900-pound gorilla in Philippine MMOGs doesn't raise my hopes for the show's impartiality, either.

At least Maike Evers is hot. Nevermind that she'd probably get her pretty little ass owned by noobs in a real online game.

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Anonymous said...

heh, yah I agree.
And it was MTV's biggest mistake to give their show to a "sponsor-lock-out", a very very bad decision.

Massive is awy below MTV's standards. GM-Tristan of Level-Up keeps on doing things he's not supposed to do in front of a TV camera and the MTV Philippine crew is not even telling him what not to do and what to do.