Friday, June 03, 2005

Kings of the Hill

I just shared a pizza dinner with Cerulean Software's Chai Azurin and SyCip Salazar's Neil Silva. I've known Neil since I was twelve, and Chai since I was sixteen; keeping tabs on each other's personal and professional growth has always yielded fun surprises.

As college kids, we were among the intellectual mavericks who often exchanged ideas on a foliage-secluded hill at the University of the Philippines. Also among these so-called "Hillfolk" was veteran gamemaster Dino Tansioco, my guest in a recent podcast.

Last night marked my introduction as COO of ThinkSmart Marketing. Being young Filipino leaders in their respective fields, Chai and Neil had a lot of timely (and entertaining) advice to share. Thanks, guys!


Chai said...

You're welcome, Mike. :D It's starting to become a weekly thing, isn't it? Next Thursday ulit! :)

digitalfilipino said...

Congratulations Mike to your new adventure!