Thursday, May 26, 2005

We Got Game

The recently concluded U Got Game Pro game development competition gave local game developers a chance to strut their stuff. I'll be trying out the winning games in the coming days; watch this space for reviews.

Also on my playlist is the Filipino-developed 3D cel-shaded fighting game released as an open beta at the event, Away Agila. The only good 3D cel-shaded fighting games I've played are from the Dragonball Z Budokai series; as I mentioned to Away Agila creator Ranulf Goss earlier this year, I'd like to see a Filipino change that.

My recent podcast on gaming predicted Filipinos embracing MMOG genres aside from medieval fantasies. That prediction will soon be tested, as Level-Up Games announced the September Philippine open beta of the science-fantasy MMOG Rising Force Online.

As in last year's event, cosplayers portraying game characters brought the technology closer to the youth.

Ranulf surprised the audience with guest Nobuhiro Fujii, programmer of Final Fantasy IX, who's put up his own game development company in the Philippines. Fujii-san surprised me further by introducing me to his all-Filipino team. Let's hope more international game development luminaries learn the benefits of leveraging Filipino creativity.

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