Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Upping the Ante

Philippine game publisher Level-Up is levelling up to bigger licenses.

Translated from the May 2005 issue of Korean magazine PC Player via PhilGaming:

CCR Inc. announced that they have signed a license agreement with Level Up, the game service company in the Philippines. Under the terms of the licensing agreement, CCR will receive a licensing fee of 750,000 USD in addition to royalty payment of 22% of total sales.

CCR mentioned that this is the highest licensing fee for the Korean game in the Philippines. The licensing fee of the Korean games in the Philippines is usually less than 300,000 USD.

Level Up is the major game service company in the Philippines and the publisher of Ragnarok. CCR will be responsible for the localization, update of RF Online and overall technical issues while Level Up will be taking charge for the marketing, service, operation.

Seok-Ho Kim, the CEO of CCR mentioned that he is expecting a stable local service since Level Up has more than 90% of market share in online game market in the Philippines. He also said that CCR has established a bridgehead for South East Asian market by launching their game in the Philippines.

Currently RF Online is under the final closed beta test in Taiwan and will be on a closed beta test in Japan soon.

Let's hope this becomes a trend. Exposure to excellent titles will do much to help the local market mature.

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