Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pocket Power

Smart Communications launched the 1st SIP Apps Challenge the other day, challenging developers to come up with mobile apps that leverage session initiation protocol (SIP).

Smart's Ramon Isberto makes geekspeak fun.

Smart's Ramoncito Fernandez welcomes the contenders.

ePLDT's Ray Espinosa shows off his company's newest IT services.

Email could someday become as ubiquitous in the Philippines as SMS is today.

In plain English, this is part of the reason the Philippine Ragnarok Online service can handle 50,000 concurrent users.

He may look like the latest Korean soap opera heartthrob, but Forum Nokia's Joshua Pak lights up much smaller screens.

The latest mobile devices are status symbols in the Philippines.

Bomberman rocks.

When your mobile device can become a universal remote, imagine the havoc you can wreak at electronics stores.

Noumena Innovations' Zeus Chen makes mobility fun.

Noumena's IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) games let you connect to anyone, anywhere -- so you can kick their asses on the go.

Efren Reyes would approve.

Pandas in tanks rock.

Smart's Edgardo Bautista explains the contest details.

Nokia's Frankie Naranjilla tells the contestants to get going.

With the Philippines' number one cellular operator and number one cellphone brand embracing SIP, the SMS capital of the world can expect even more mobile fun in the coming years.

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